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Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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Outdoor Education

This Term


We believe that being outside of the classroom will help increase our student’s social skills through the development of positive engagement communication skills. Working within the schools THRIVE approach, the expansive Outdoor Education Programme delivers a positive driven experience to enable students to step out of their comfort zone and provides many opportunities for students to gain confidence in their abilities, work together and promote individual success.



Outdoor Education will be delivered in a variety of experience’s from being in local play parks to develop social skills and to being taken out on adventurous learning to develop leadership, team skills and to help overcome individual limitations to step out of the student’s comfort zones. Forrest school will be utilised to teach basic out door skills and create a relaxed THRIVE environment.

Sports will play a key roll with the use of local sports muggers, leisure centres for swimming and inter- school competitions in the form of football, basketball and cross-country to name a few. Educational visits will create and alternative learning environment alongside achievable

In- house awards.



This delivery will impact on the student’s social development, gaining confidence in new areas developing leadership skills, emotional understanding and mindset.

Working together as a team within tutor groups or mixed tutor groups will create a social environment with the age range of years 7-11 secondary. Often, Instructor lead activities will give the students confidence in trust with some reward-based activities which will then lead on to Students taking their own lead under close supervision which then again gain confidence in trust with decision making.


T - Trust

L - Leadership

C - Confidence

Outdoor Education At Marland Secondary Bideford