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Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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With thanks to...

MOO FREE (Holsworthy)

Many thanks to Moo Free in Holsworthy for very kindly donating chocolate santa bars to our students with intolerances. This contribution allowed our school to provide a small Christmas care package to all our students before they break up for the holidays. 



Extended thanks to the team at Holsworthy HQ for being extremely swift and understanding of our students needs. Our students and staff are very grateful.

Argos, Rose Lane, Barnstaple Store


Donates horticultural equipment...


We plan to incorporate a number of 'Thrive' based activities to build mental resilience through physical and wholesome group and independent activities, so the donation from Argos is much appreciated. Growing, harvesting and consuming vegetables from the school site will be a big part of our education and we plan to use this donation to set up a facility on site do carry out wholesome activities as part of our students’ regular education.


Items donated:

55L wheelbarrow x 2

90L wheelbarrow x 1

Broccoli seeds x 5

Carrot seeds x 14

Compost x 4

Herb collection x 5

Lettuce seeds x 6

Pea seeds x 2

Pumpkin seeds x 1

Spring Onion seeds x 2

Stainless spade x 2

Tomato seeds x 10

Universal tool rack x 3.


We look forward to a continuing partnership with Argos to enjoy any further support and showing them how we have developed the school grounds.


Our extended thanks go to the team at Argos for their support. 


FreshSpring, Bideford.


Marland Secondary School (Bideford) are delighted to be working in partnership with FreshSpping. We thank the team, led by Samanatha and John for planning stimulating and engaging activities for our pupils. We are also excited by the opportunity afforded to our pupils for prolonged work experience opportunities. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.


Barnstaple Lidl 368

We'd like to Thank Leon and the team from Lidl for their generous donation of flowers for our SEN garden. 






An extremely generous amount of garden paint.



Alan Wilson windows 

pipes and brackets

Soulful Healing Crystals and wellbeing

Healing crystals

Tamar Trading

Lots of building materials.

Torrington cycle hire

A large amount of wheels that have been upcycled!

Appledore Library


An amazing selection of books

Gea Austen (


Some beautiful and inspirational art.

Instow Yacht club  

Sails, for our covered spaces, currently in progress.


Lamb fleece, for our sensory boxes.

Profile interiors

For MDF.