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Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Secondary School (Bideford)

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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In KS3 we have been looking at health and well being so far this term. We have looked at what is considered a healthy lifestyle and what we can do to help lead a healthier lifestyle. Whilst physical activity and diet are incredibly important towards health and well being we have also looked at how music, being outside, the internet and our own hobbies and interests can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle and improve wellbeing.


In KS4 the students have been working towards their BTEC level 1 accredited award. The first section looks at physical health, how to improve confidence, risks around alcohol and drugs and ways in which we can improve confidence within ourselves.


We believe that PSHE aims to teach the skills that will equip students for the opportunities and challenges of life.  Students are encouraged to manage diverse relationships, be respectful of others and the increasing influence of peers and the social media.  


PSHE education at Marland School acknowledges and addresses the changes that young people are experiencing, beginning with transition to a new school, the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence as they grow into young adults and become global citizens. 



PSHE will be delivered in a variety of ways whilst following the national curriculum.  Lessons will involve but are not limited to class-based learning, utilisation of the outdoor space in our school grounds and trips out within our local area to enhance learning and help develop independent skillsets within each student.  PSHE is delivered using ‘Sweet’ which is an innovative and engaging resource package and covers the following main concepts 

  • Healthy me – to explore what is a healthy lifestyle and what isn’t and find ways to improve our health both physically and mentally. 

  • Changing me – as we grow bodies change naturally and understanding these changes and how they may affect a person both physically, mentally and responsibilities we have as we get older. 

  • Celebrate difference – our world is incredibly diverse and is now more interlinked than ever. Developing the knowledge and understanding of these diversities and differences is a key part to becoming a global citizen.  This concept also links closely with living in a wider world. 

  • Relationships – to know what a positive relationship is and to develop understanding of how relationship may change over time and how to stay safe in a relationship. 

  • The future – this section educates and helps develop students understanding of managing money, setting goals for future aspirations and what looking at what students may want to do after they leave school. 

Students will be entered for qualifications under WJEC and AQA awards which will be matched to their abilities and pathways through the school. 


Cross curricular links 

PSHE is such a diverse subject and links to many other subjects within our school.   

Examples include: 

Biology – learning about how to be healthy and how that affects organs in the body. 

Maths – money management.  

Geography – being part of the wider world and how a student can contribute to society. 

Beliefs and Values – diversity of people from around the world and different cultures. 



PSHE helps pupils develop the knowledge, skills and qualities they'll need to deal with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they'll face as they grow up and go onto their next steps in life.  PSHE contributes to personal development by helping pupils to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem, and to identify and manage risk within and outside of school.   

THRIVE is embedded deeply within our approach and the PSHE curriculum delivered here aims to help improve students emotional and mental wellbeing.